Monday, 4 April 2011


So, my Dad finally called me today... Only 2 weeks later than he was supposed to! He didn't mention that, of course. I think he just wanted to moan about having a cold, to be honest. I didn't say anything about how he was supposed to call me weeks ago, I can't be doing with that anymore - what's the point, after all? I told him we've been looking at houses, he sounded quite surprised by that (I don't know why because he's known for ages that we want to buy a house this year... I think he just doesn't listen to me).
I told him that there are lots of photos and videos of the girls on Facebook (he has an account, which he evidently doesn't use) and hinted that it's a good way to keep in touch as far as videos and photos go. I doubt it'll make a difference, though - hints are never going to work if telling him something outright doesn't make a difference, right?

To be perfectly honest our conversations feel strained at best - I don't think we really "connect" these days. I think there's resentment on both our parts - I resent him for being terrible at keeping in touch and because of all the wedding stuff, and he resents me for leaving the UK. I think that sums it up pretty well, really.
When he does call me, which is pretty rare, it's usually just to complain about things: his neck, his cold, his job... I always get the sense that he's waiting for me to say something, but there's nothing I can really say - he moans about everything all the time, he doesn't do anything to help himself, and I've said everything I can say a million times over now! I think sometimes he's waiting for me to say something like "I miss you so much, I wish I'd never moved" - but I'm happy here, and although I find it hard at times being away from everyone "back home", I could never miss anyone as much as I used to miss my hubby while we were apart.

Why are families so weird?!

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