Sunday, 10 April 2011


Everything that happened last night is really bothering me. It could be a coincidence but I was feeling pretty sick most of this afternoon, to the point that I had to go and take a nap. I felt really queasy. Maybe it was nothing to do with 'the situation' but I don't think it was helping much either. I really feel quite low about it, which is surprising in a way because it's on a par with how I felt when I fell out with my Dad and this isn't my real Mom we're talking about - yes, she's my mother-in-law, but she's not my actual Mom. Anyway, it's taken me by surprise just how upset I feel about it all. Hubby is feeling the same way, I can tell by the look in his eyes.

I chatted with my BIL on Facebook earlier and he said that his Mom is being "fucking retarded" and that if she speaks to him about it he'll tell her that she's the one causing the problems, so that's good I guess. Hubby is going to call his Dad at work in the morning and tell him that we need to go and speak to him - I really don't think he knows about this, and he's gonna start wondering what's up when we don't show up for the next few months or however long she wants to drag this out. We're both in agreement that her saying we're only welcome now once a month, rather than once a week, is enough to keep us both away indefinitely. Neither of us would feel welcome there now as things stand, so we won't be going. I think that my FIL will be very interested to hear all of this - of course we're aware that talking to him could backfire, he might well know what's been said and there's a chance he agrees with her, but we both want to hear it from him if that's the case. I seriously doubt it, but we'll see. I really don't believe that he knows what she said about our dogs - he loves them to bits and looks forward to seeing them, there's no way he doesn't want them to be there when we are. I still think my MIL was grasping at straws when she made that statement - she said it to hurt hubby (or us - surely she's not stupid enough to think that hubby wouldn't tell me, I'm his wife FFS) and when I spoke to my Mom this morning she said it sounds as though there's some jealousy issues and for whatever reason she's taking exception to the fact that hubby has his own life now. I mean, it's been many years since he moved out of their house, he's been self-sufficient for a long time, long before we got together, but something she said to hubby last night just smacks of jealousy: "You've got your own life now, it's time to pull back" or something along those lines, well that just makes me think that for some reason she's jealous that he doesn't need her as much now. It's sad really because she's his Mom, of course he needs her, and so do I. If she wants to push us away she's doing a bloody good job of it, and as my BIL said, this kind of thing can't really be undone.

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